For producing high quality veneer we select the best wood material that’s the trees of the tall variety with straight trunks and minimum of internal and external defects…

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wood veneer drying


Soon after clipping we send veneer to a drier which prevents mould and other distortions or degradation, removes excessive moisture and prepares it for adhesive application and product fabrication…

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beech veneer


We care about the convenience of partnership with our company, so we can provide logistic assistance to ease the product transportation to any destination

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Who we are?

Who we are

rotary cut veneer producing company located in Western Ukraine.



What we can do for you

We try to find a logistic solution for every customer. We want you to receive your order as soon as possible. We value your time!

We may also help you find all kinds of timber available in the region of our location – from beech to hornbeam, pine, spruce and others.

What we do

We produce high quality dry rotary cut veneers from

Beech, Birch, Alder, Red Oak, Spruce, Pine…

FSC® certified Veneers

Alesta UA cares about the future of our planet that’s why we claim to be a responsible wood utilizer and meet the international requirements. We have already obtained our FSC® certificate (License code FSC-C143196, Certificate SGS-COC-011344)….

Alesta UA FSC Certificate

WHAT we aim for

Long-term cooperation with our customers.

Total fulfillment of your product and service requirements.

New peeling line…

Our company doesn’t stand in one place! We want to broaden the range of our products and services and we understand that high quality production depends on proficient equipment, so in next to no time we start up a new peeling spindle machine. Soon we will be able to cut veneer with thickness from 0,3 up to 6,0 mm! So, we will satisfy your most sophisticated orders. Go ahead and contact us!

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