Red Oak Veneer

Red Oak Veneer

Red Oak Veneer

Red Oak Veneer

Red oak (lat. Quercus rubra) — it`s a light brown type of hardwood with a reddish cast. It has straight grain with uneven texture and large pores. Though it is not so decay and rot resistant as white oak it responds well to steam-bending and has rather high shrinkage properties. This wood species presents a significant value for furniture industry.

Alesta UA -Red Oak Veneer

Veneer qualities

– Brown colour with a slight reddish or orange hue

– Nice pattern

– Open grained texture surface

– Strong and durable

– High flexibility



Veneer properties

– Rotary cut

– Length — 150-2600 mm

– All suitable widths

– Thickness — 0,4-3,5 mm

– A-D grades

– Humidity — 6-14%


Veneer application

– Furniture

– Doors veneering

– Commercial plywood manufacture

– Moldings

– Paneling