Pine Veneer

Pine Veneer

Pine Veneer

Pine (lat. Pinus sylvestris) — a type of softwood with a range from light reddish brown colour to pale yellow and nearly white. It`s grain is straight with even texture.It has an enormous distribution and wide range of growth conditions which gives ground for its reasonable price. It`s commonly used for construction lumber, pulpwood and other commercial needs.

Pine veneer

Veneer qualities

– Light and uniform colour tone

– Creamy white hue

– Smooth surface

– Knotty grain

– Straight-lined pattern


Veneer properties

– Rotary cut

– Length — 150-2600 mm

– All suitable widths

– Thickness — 0,4-3,5 mm

– A-D grades

– Humidity — 6-14%


Veneer application

– Furniture

– Doors

– Panelling

– Flooring

– Cabinetry

– Molding