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About Us

High quality wood veneers

Who We Are

ABOUT ALESTA UA VENEERWood veneer producing

The motto of the company: We care about what you want and we know what you need!

Alesta UA is a newly created rotary cut veneer manufacturing company which came out in the wood business area in 2016. Despite we are a young enterprise we are rapidly developing due to the experience of our managers, dedicated work of our promising working team and high quality of theveneer produced by the company.

The company appeared as a result of strong co-operation between the Turkish enterprise Alesta Naturel being engaged in the woodworking industry since 1996 and Ukrainian wood suppliers.  As the capacity of the company grew, so the number of our clients increased. Now Alesta UAsuccessfully exports its veneer to the Near East, Middle East, Far East and Europe.  We claim to be a reliable partner for both our suppliers and our customers. Long-term co-operation with our partners is one of the key targets of the company’s activity.

The firm occupies the territory of 5250 m2, a closed work area in the amount of 2100 m2. The working staff of the company amounts 65 people.

The core capacities of the enterprise allow to produce up to 1000 m3 of peeled veneer monthly.

Our aim for the moment is to supply the Ukrainian domestic market and external European market with high quality beech, birch and other wood species veneer production. High quality veneer is achieved due to the principals of our work including:

  • Modern equipment;
  • Quality control at every step of manufacturing process;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Constant technology improvement;
  • Flexible prices.

Our mission is to create a quality link between the natural wood materials and readymade items bringing comfort into your living space. We will help you to fulfill your ideas.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Natural materials for natural life of the humanity.

Our Mission

Our Alesta UA company manufactures quality veneers to inspire other producers for new creative ideas.

Our Values

Quality in Everything

Not only we provide solid rotary cut veneers but also good service and frank communication to our customers.


Healthy teamwork is something that makes cooperation with our company easy and pleasant for our customers.

Respect for People

First of all we care about our emploees because only happy people can make a successful company.

A Will to Improve

Everything changes every minute in the world and Alesta UA is ready to change as well to meet the needs of our customers.


Our Factory

AlestaUA – We are a rotarycut wood veneer producing company.

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