Beech Veneer

Beech Veneer

Beech Veneer


Beech (lat. Fagus) – is a smooth wood material pleasant to touch with a range from pale cream to pinkish brown color and an attractive grain.  Due to its solidity, wear resistance and pliability it’s broadly applied in construction of houses, manufacture of furniture frames, musical instruments, plywood and molded objects.

Veneer qualities

  • Dark pale brown color with a golden tone obtained through log steaming
  • Natural luster
  • Plain surface
  • Distinctive grain
  • Sustainability
  • Uniform texture

Veneer properties

  • Rotary cut
  • Length – 350-2600 mm
  • All suitable width
  • Thickness 1,0-2,5mm
  • A-D grades
  • Humidity – 6-10%

Veneer application

  • Plywood
  • Bed slats
  • Facing
  • Bent glued products
  • Joinery
  • Institutional furniture
Wood Beech Veneer